Our algorithm detect Personal Campaign or ProjectSave donation based on DONATION TYPE indicated by donors and redirects for assignment to a member's peer-to-peer campaign or ProjectSave respectively. Read more below.
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Our vision is to educate, inspire, fund and promote Startups and Expanding MSMEs. The platform guarantee entrepreneurial education for all members and promotion of their projects on our Classified Ads website. However, if you choose to donate to any entrepreneur’s campaign, do so freely and expect no refund.
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We guarantee the sustenance of HFE Education. See what some beneficiaries have done absolutely free at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9EcgNGJHftOxYPG8vHEpIA.
After you first campaign, you earn 30% MONTHLY . However, external donors can donate any amount to your campaign if they appreciate its viability, practicality and scalability.
Volunteer get 5% to 15% referral bonus if they choose to join our affiliate marketing program. However, Globalaid is not a pyramid scheme, so you must not refer to earn.
You also get 5% speed bonus for payment and confirmations done within 12hours. Speed and dynamism will remain part of our core values for “success loves speed”.
You earn 50% monthly
“Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart. When you give, do not expect to receive, Fragrance clings to the hand that gives the rose – Carlos Slim Helu
Diamonds DO NOT compete, they just shine. Our Ambassadors Get the 300% of their seed of charity in 72hours while those with 4 referrals who donate at their level or above get funded in 14days. Join us.
Click Here to view the projects of some beneficiaries and how easy it is to get funded. ProjectSave the Economy by FUNDING and PROMOTING Entrepreneurs aims at provide funding and promotion to startups MSMEs who are often neglected by big financial houses through crowdfunding approach instead of waiting for funding from “one big investor” that are no more existing. Startups need skills, encouragement, funding and promotion because no matter how good an idea may be, if not promoted, is useless. Hence ProjectSave! From 2004, HELP FOR ENTREPRENEURS (who recently has taken sponsorship of SEMEES) has trained over 5,000,000 persons and have indeed empowered all with skills and many financially globally. The online platform is launched to ensure that all members are funded through crowdfunding/contribution approach where large community of people, well wishers and fans donate money for a common goal that benefit a group and to each other, in order to help each other fulfill projects obligations and in collaboration with government and public spirited groups. Take your POSITION now! So, if you decide to participate, under donation type, specify clearly either (a) ProjectSave or (b) Personal Campaign. If you expect in good faith that the community should donate to your campaign, specify [Personal Campaign]. If your donation is 100%  charity, specify [ProjectSave]. Our algorithm uniquely use this field to determine how matching is done. Our algorithm matches your pledge differently based on the DONATION TYPE chosen by you. When you click the donation button, check donation indicated on the ACCOUNT DETAILS form. If you indicated ProjectSave, your donation will be treated as an external donation for non registered persons. If you indicated personal campaign, you will be matched peer-to-peer to one of the current green campaigns. Please take note of this. What then is ProjectSave and how does it benefit me? ProjectSave (an acronym of Project Save the Economy) aims at supporting economic growth and nourishing homes by training, mentoring, inspiring and promoting the projects, businesses, talents, skills and fund-raising campaigns of Startup MSMEs and expanding ones. At the same time, ProjecSave touches the needy through its corporate charity, the indigent child through its BLISS Read & Win contest aimed at bringing back the Reading culture and its affiliate marketing/customer reward program meant to provide passive income plan for all volunteers and loyal supporters of ProjectSave. GLOBALAID is HFE community mutual aid/crowd funding program meant to generate funding (campaign) for over 5,000,000 entrepreneurs trained since 2004 plus others. HFE Entrepreneurs/Projects Directory is the community E-commerce/Classified ads scheme of HFE members that generate dividend (passive income) annually for members and at same time solve one of the most basic need of startups that informed its birth, which is marketing and promoting the businesses, dreams and projects of members the 21st century way. How does it work or What Do You Stand To Benefit? 1. You register FREE and join our GLOBALAID ENTREPRISE EDUCATION/MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (Globalaid Academy) and use six months to benefit from our online training/mentorship program and package. The training on Innovation and Entrepreneurship brings out “Qualities of successful entrepreneurs” in you. On graduation and if you key into our vision of helping others FREELY, you are awarded a certificate and your first fund-raising campaign promote making it possible (though not guaranteed) for willing community members to donate up to 300% of your seed of charity as SEED FUND to your business for Startup and Expansion. But during the mentorship program, you can still earn 30% of your monthly contribution by creating another campaign called my growth fund. So, while the first campaign (that yields 300% of your seed of charity and matures in 6months) is meant to give you reasonable money to start or expand your business, subsequent campaigns (that yields 30% and matures after 30days) are regarded as growth campaigns that help you support yourself while on training/mentorship and feed basic business needs thereafter. To illustrate, assuming that you have 1000USD spare fund and you decide to lend a helping hand to a needy entrepreneur. 500usd goes to your GLOBALAID seed fund campaign as your seed of charity in favor of the needy with 300% in view. For the remaining 50%, you are given our product bundle for new Affiliates, so you have the full value for the 50%. You donate peer-to-peer to support the campaign of an upline entrepreneur who had also donated before you to assist another person. When this is confirmed, your own campaign is FLAGGED GREEN and the community donate the following to you as a bench mark: • 300% (of 500usd) for your first donation only because we consider this your startup capital (1500usd). Our seed funding has 72hrs for Ambassadors, 14days for volunteers with 4 referrals or product sales, and 6months maturity for those without referrals or with less than 4 sales. Refer to “How it Works” for more details. • 5% to 15% as referral bonus. Note that you must not refer someone to earn. • 10% – 20% Extra Directory Commission depending on your rank. • 5% Speed bonus on transfers within 12hours. • 5% on confirmation within 12hours. IMPORTANT (Read More on How to Participate under How it Works. HFE mission is to change lives and help humanity in all trueness systematically. Yes, ProjectSave is designed to ensure GREEN homes and economy. IMPORTANT:
  • You pay the first 50% of your pledge immediately before your campaign is activated in the system otherwise it is thrown out. This rule is created to check fake and failed pledges and reduce fake proof of payment as no project is registered in the system unless 50% is committed.
  • You will be matched to pay the remaining 50% peer-to-peer to another members campaign after which confirmation, your campaign will also be ready to receive donations.
  • Risk: HFE is the last honest crowd funding program standing. Just like in any other business, there is risk of loosing your money but the risk is LOWEST in HFE. Why? Check the design, security features, stringent rules, interest rate, investment program, etc, you can see that the risk is low. Should for any reason, there are no members to donate to your crowdfunding campaign within the 3months, then YOU DEFINITELY WILL GET YOUR ANNUAL DIVIDEND EVERY YEAR. You will still be making millions of dollars from 1000usd or whatever amount that you started with and most importantly you had voluntarily keyed-in to our vision of saving lives by supporting Startups MSMEs thus ensuring green homes and economy. So, donate with spare fund. Nobody looses in HFE.
You have the choice to donate eiher in Naira or bitcoin. You can buy your bitcoin anywhere but to protect members from fraud and for ease of the community, TRUSTED country’s representatives are assigned to work on dedicated service of SELLING/BUYING bitcoin from members. This men are as trustworthy as the project itself, so do not be afraid. This is put in place to avoid members falling prey to fake bitcoin dealers and also to make it easy for you to exchange your bitcoin for cash within the community.  Great convenience! Many members say so. To purchase/sell bitcoin, send your email/phone/referrer’s email and amount to sell/buy to bitcoin@helpforentrepreneurs.org and you will be attended to fast via email and phone. Please be patient as they may be many request to process.
Create your OnlineStore.It takes only 60seconds. No design skill needed. Unlimited Products. Accept payment instantly. Those Customers that you are looking for, are looking for you – on [HelpForEntrepreneurs(HFE).org]. With HFE Directory, you no longer find customers, customers find you! So,Get Started today. It’s free for HFE volunteers Manage Ads Read latest news for Globalaiders.